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Galerie Noord

Nieuwstad 6


Galerie Noord is within walking distance of the main station. The opening hours during exhibitions are from Wednesday to Sunday between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM.

Kunstsalon IJL 
30 may - 20 june 2021 

The world is under the spell of the corona. The pandemic that affects all of us and is putting our society on the edge. The virus itself is invisible, elusive, as thin as the atmosphere. Corona is a confusing concept for artists. The virus puts art practices on hold, incomes negatively and opportunities to exhibit have fallen. At the same time, the developments as a result of the virus are interesting. The oppression, the adjustment, the distance, the worry, the sadness, the fear. But also the space, the possibilities, the changes, the necessity. Does the virus stimulate creativity or is it paralyzing? Are concrete images emerging or does the elusiveness lead to abstraction? Is urgency experienced or is there any perspective missing? How thin is the atmosphere?

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