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Anneliek Nieuwland

contemporary artist

artist statement:

Anneliek's work could be best characterized as teasing. The word has a double meaning, she likes to play with. On one hand teasingly playful, on the other hand provocative, irritating.


She wants to give the spectator a glimpse into women's’ sexuality, and how that relates with the expectations imposed by the media. All this in a tempting confrontational way.


The images created by Anneliek are suggestive and intriguing. The installations are intimate voyeuristic. As a spectator you feel like a voyeur, like a man in a long mackintosh. It is dark outside, nobody can see you. The man in the mackintosh sees everything and does not look away. He knows he is being watched, and he feels dirty. 

The spectator has no business being there, yet remains….


Those voyeuristic excursions give the spectator the chance to record unnoticed how women behave, when they think they are alone. 


Anneliek gives the spectator a dirty little secret.

Anneliek Nieuwland,

Contemporary Artist,

the Netherlands

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